The Best Easy 2 Ingredient Recipes

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2 Ingredient Recipes are a perfect way to whip up an easy meal, snack, or dessert. These two ingredient dishes are so simple, even my daughter can make them! So, check your fridge or pantry — you probably already have what you need for more of these two ingredient recipes.

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2 Ingredient Recipes

Between grocery shortages and rising prices, everyone is trying to figure out what they can make with the simple ingredients they have on hand.

So, I’m rounding up the best of my two ingredient recipes, ranging from kitchen essentials to dinner and dessert.

You can even learn how to make butter in your stand mixer with heavy cream and salt!

If you’re looking for easy recipes that you can make with just two ingredients, you’re in the right place.

Enjoy, and let us know how it goes!

Two Ingredient Recipes for DIY-ers

Why spend your hard-earned money on store-bought solutions when you can make things yourself?

Not only is it easy to do, but the flavor is sooo much better. And you know exactly what you’re feeding your family. Score!

2-Ingredient Pizza Dough

Yes, it is possible to make Pizza Dough with 2 ingredients! Even better, it’s ready in just 10 minutes with no rise time. Use this yogurt pizza dough recipe to make savory pizzas, breadsticks, and even desserts!

Best Ever Crockpot Caramel Sauce

This recipe for Simple Crockpot Caramel Sauce (aka Dulce De Leche) results in the most magnificent, heavenly creation that you’ll ever make — no stirring required! Fill your jars, cover with water, and let your slow cooker do the rest!

removing mascarpone from cheesecloth.

Homemade Mascarpone is one of my favorite 2 ingredient recipes because there are so many ways to use it! This one requires a little more care and precision, but trust me — it’s well worth the effort.

2 ingredient chocolate ganache

Not only is this the Easiest Ever Chocolate Ganache, but it’s ready in just 3 minutes! This recipe is one you’ll be pulling out again and again — perfect for fondue, ice cream topping, dipping cupcakes, frosting cakes, and even making truffles.

2 Ingredient Meals

It’s true! You can feed your whole family with just a couple of ingredients and a little bit of prep time.

And we’re not just talking dinner — there are 2 ingredient meals for breakfast or a snack too!

2 ingredient recipe for salsa chicken

Crockpot Salsa Chicken is so easy, it just about cooks itself. It’s one of the best 2 ingredient meals after a long day because clean-up is easy too. You’ll find tips for substitutions and using what is in your pantry to create your own version, plus serving suggestions to repurpose it into several meals.

closeup of pumpkin bread with a drizzle of honey

My Pumpkin Bread is a moist, fall-flavored dream that’ll leave you drooling!! All you need is spice cake mix and pumpkin purée to make it. Enjoy a slice plain or slathered in butter and honey… and try not to eat the whole loaf!

two ingredient dessert bacon cinnamon rolls

Lazy Day Bacon Cinnamon Rolls are the breakfast of your dreams. Tender, ooey gooey cinnamon rolls fully loaded with smoky bacon — perfect for weekend brunch or Christmas morning. Even better, it’s one of those 2 ingredient dishes that will fool everyone into thinking you make it from scratch!

slices of bread made with ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles

Ice Cream Bread is the perfect combination of a snackable treat with sweet dessert flavor. Mix together a few scoops of ice cream with self-rising flour, then bake the mixture into a fluffy loaf. I love to add colorful sprinkles to make it extra fun!

Two Ingredient Dishes and Desserts

Sometimes I get a sudden craving but don’t have the energy to jump in the car or spend even more time in the kitchen.

These 2 ingredient recipes make it easy to satisfy my sweet tooth in no time!

Creamy Vanilla Rice Pudding

Vanilla Rice Pudding is the epitome of comfort food. This simple dessert is one of those two ingredient dishes you’ll want to have in the fridge at all times! It’s rich, silky, and utterly delicious — and it just about cooks itself!

No-Churn 2-Ingredient Peaches & Cream Ice Cream

Peaches and Cream Ice Cream is so rich, thick, and amazingly delicious, you may never get store-bought again! This no-churn recipe is made without sweetened condensed milk and comes together in a flash.

2-Ingredient Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroon Cookies are moist and chewy on the inside, beautifully toasted on the outside, and perfectly sweet all around. Absolutely perfect for the coconut lover, you may need to double this recipe!

2 ingredient recipe for no churn strawberry ice cream

No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream is one of my favorite 2 ingredient dishes in the summertime. Blissfully creamy ice cream is speckled with fresh strawberries for naturally sweet goodness. With just a few minutes of prep, all you need is patience for it to set!

2 ingredient affogato in a glass with chocolate cookies

Looking for more “grown-up” two ingredient dishes? This Affogato Recipe is just the thing! Combine gelato or ice cream with freshly brewed espresso for a tasty Italian treat. Plus, you’ll find a long list of flavor variations and topping ideas to make it your own!

2 ingredient frozen dessert in white bowl

Banana Pecan Ice Cream is one of the simplest 2 ingredient recipes EVER — no ice cream maker needed! Plus, it’s naturally dairy-free and a healthier alternative to full-fat ice cream.

With love, from our simple kitchen to yours.

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Originally published March 2020 and updated April 2024.

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