Sunday, April 21, 2019

Grilled Garlic Beer Chicken

Garlic Beer Marinade for Grilled Chicken - a simple marinade made with fresh ingredients creates the most tender and flavorful chicken ever! It is fast easy and flavorful. No chopping required. Blend in food processor and marinate!

Friday, April 19, 2019

5 Minute, 5 Ingredient, 5 Star Homemade Brown Gravy (With Video)

Homemade gravy is one of my favorite shortcuts in the kitchen. This 5 Minute Homemade Brown Gravy recipe will be a meal saver. All you need is this simple recipe, no packet needed. If you are looking for a super simple gravy recipe this is the one for you!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cheesy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bombs (With VIDEO)

Cheesy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bombs are soft and tender portable poppers, stuffed with smoky bacon, scrambled eggs and ooey gooey cheese, topped with garlic herb butter! This scrumptious recipe is the pull apart egg breakfast of your dreams!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Strawberry Habanero Everything Spread

Strawberry Habanero Everything Spread is our latest obsession. A sweet strawberry habanero jam with a fantastic citrusy flavor and a little bite at the end. Perfect, just perfect! This simple recipe comes together with just 4 ingredients and you will be making it all year long!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Lemon Cloud No-Bake Icebox Cake (With Video)

Lemon Cloud No-Bake Ice Box Cake is a fun twist on a classic recipe. This cake is light, bright and utterly luscious. It is bursting with lemon flavor and is prepped in just 25 minutes. With layer upon layer of scrumptious flavors, this is your go to cake this summer. Perfection without ever turning the oven on.