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Bacon Double Cheeseburger Beer Cheese Soup in 30 Minutes

BACON DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER BEER CHEESE SOUP - Its loaded with thick cut bacon and seasoned ground beef in the most scrumptious beer cheese soup.  A one pot 30 minute simple recipe and you have dinner.
It is the cool season around here.  We are dipping in the 70's in Arizona and that means SOUP!   I have to tell you we have made a ton of soup already and I do not see any stopping in the near future.  So keep your eyes peeled we have a new soup planned each week throughout the cool season and they will knock your socks off.

One of our soups from last year has kind of gone crazy around here. The Bacon Cheddar Beer Cheese Soup with Chicken has over 23,000 Pins and is already our #2 all time recipe on the site and it was just posted 4 weeks ago.  We have had such a fantastic response to the recipe with rave reviews all over Facebook and our site.  We have even eaten it a gazillion times so I decided to mix it up a bit.

I created a soup inspired by one of Chad's favorites.  Chad loves burgers.  No really.  HE LOVES BURGERS.  So this soup was just for him (and all of you of course).  The Bacon Double Cheeseburger Beer Cheese Soup oh my word.  It is a grand slam home run (that means 'flippin' spectacularly fabulously' awesome for you non-baseball fans).  I think if we could eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner we would.

Its loaded with thick cut bacon and seasoned ground beef in the most scrumptious beer cheese soup.  One pot, 30 minutes and you have dinner.  For fun we have been adding croutons, bacon, chopped pickles and other favorite toppings as a garnish.  I have to say the croutons are a must! 30 minutes from prep to plate for this rich creamy delicious soup and I am sure it will be on your menu all winter long.

With love from our Kitchen Table to yours!

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Bacon Double Cheeseburger Beer Cheese Soup
serves 8

12 ounces thick cut bacon, uncooked
1 pound lean ground beef
¼ cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons Montreal steak seasoning
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
1 (12 ounce) beer (I used Blue Moon)
4 cups half and half
16 ounces mild cheddar cheese, shredded
croutons, pickles, bacon bits (optional garnishes)

Warm an 8 quart pot over high heat.  Using clean scissors; cut bacon into pot.  Cook bacon until lightly crisp, stirring occasionally.

Add beef into pot.  Break beef up with a wooden spoon.  Cook until cooked through, stirring occasionally.  Drain bacon/beef drippings as necessary; only leave about 2 tablespoons of drippings in the pan.  Tip for checking drippings:  Scrape all meat to one side, tip pan.  Drippings will pool on the side.  Use a spoon to remove drippings as necessary.

Stir in flour, seasoning and paprika.  Stir until flour is coated.  Add beer and scrape the bottom of the pot with a spoon to deglaze the pan, allow to cook for 3 minutes. Add half & half.  Stir to combine and bring to a bubble.  Add cheese and stir until cheese is melted.   Allow to simmer until ready to serve, stirring occasionally.

Garnish with croutons, bacon, pickles, whatever you like on your burger.  Enjoy!

COOK’S NOTE:  Half and half is a US dairy product made up of half cream and half milk.  Feel free to substitute accordingly. You may also use all cream, which would make the soup more rich.  All milk would tone down the soup.

Recipe developed by Donna Elick - The Slow Roasted Italian 
Copyright ©2013 The Slow Roasted Italian – All rights reserved.

Originally published 10/8/13


  1. This is amazing! I made it and we finished it in one meal. YUM!!

  2. All these soups look scrumptious. I will give most of them a try, I shared the site with co-workers.

  3. The bacon cheeseburger soup came out tasting pretty salty - I dealt with it, but it was too salty for my husband. I wonder if I should back off on the seasonings?

    1. If your steak seasoning is really salty, then yes I would cut the seasoning down. Also check the sodium content in your bacon, that could contribute as well. Enjoy!

  4. Is there a beer free alternative?

    1. You could substitute beef or chicken broth. The beer lends a flavor that you will not get with other liquids and the alcohol cooks off so you are left with a palate pleasing flavor. Let us know how it goes, enjoy!

  5. Can you do this in a crock pot?

    1. I have never made it in a crock pot. But I am sure it can be done. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes. Enjoy!

  6. Sorry but what is half & half I'm from aus and don't know some of the things you use

    1. Half and half is essentially half milk, half cream. So, creamier than milk but not as thick as plain cream. You could easily make it.

  7. It's ok I found what it is now thank you will try it look great

    1. Thanks Sage! Let us know how it goes. Enjoy!

  8. Bout to make it I'll get back and tell ya how it went

  9. This was AMAZING! My son and I BOTH loved it, it was warm, filling, and plenty for the next day for lunch too! Next time, I think I am gonna add some blue cheese!!

  10. Now this is what I had envisioned when I ordered Cheeseburger soup in a small cafe last week! I was so disappointed when the soup arrived as although it had ground beef in a cheese sauce, it lacked this visual appeal.. we really do eat with our eyes!!

  11. This was simple to make, and delicious! I added minced garlic and Old Bay seasoning to taste and OMG ahhhh-mazing!!! I will share this recipe!

  12. Very good soup, but mine came out a bit salty as well. I will cut back on the Montreal Steak seasoning next time, or make my own and try to lower the salt content! If it is too salty for me, it has to be salty!


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