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Blueberry Dump Cake + VIDEO

Blueberry dump cake is the easiest cake recipe you’ll ever make. It’s moist and delicious! Make this 4-ingredient recipe for dessert tonight!

Blueberry dump cake

What is dump cake?

When you need a “no-brainer” dessert recipe, look no further than dump cake. Baking this sweet treat is simpler than you could ever imagine!

Whether you make a dump cake blueberry, cherry, peach, or another flavor, the technique is always the same.
They require 3 or 4 ingredients, and 5 minutes to prep it for baking.

Making the cake looks like this:

Dump - Add pie filling, cake mix, and cubes of butter to a cake pan. Plus, fresh fruit for a little extra flavor.


Blueberry Dump Cake

The secret of this dessert is its convenience factor. You don’t even have to stir the ingredients together - it’s amazing!

It really is the best dessert for a busy home cook to make.

Plus, it’s a recipe that you can customize to your heart’s desire.

Dump cake can be made using any flavor of cake mix and pie filling that you like. You can even make them sugar-free!

Blueberry Dump Cake

Making blueberry dump cake

As mentioned above, you only need 4 ingredients to make this cake recipe. Even better, it doesn’t matter what brand or type of cake mix you use.

Gluten-free and sugar-free cake mixes and pie fillings work just as perfectly as traditional ones do.

  • Cake mix - I use white cake mix. It’s also delicious with yellow cake.
  • Blueberry pie filling
  • Butter - I prefer to use unsalted butter, but salted will work
  • Fresh blueberries - It is best not to use frozen berries unless you thaw them first. Otherwise, the excess water may cause your cake to be soggy.
Blueberry Dump Cake

Cooking tips for the perfect cake

Making a blueberry dump cake is nearly impossible to mess up. However, to guarantee the best results, here are three important tips.

  • Grease the pan. Be sure to grease the pan well with butter or non-stick cooking spray. Otherwise, you will definitely have a difficult time removing slices from the pan.

  • Preheat the oven. If the oven isn’t hot enough, the cake will not bake evenly. It’s not a happy experience, and not a tasty cake, either. Please trust me on this.

Blueberry Dump Cake

  • Add ingredients in the order shown in the recipe.
It may not seem like the order of ingredients should matter, but it truly does make a difference.

  1. First, spread the blueberry filling into the bottom of the pan.
  2. Next, sprinkle all of the cake mix over the filling. Be sure to cover as much of the filling as you can.
  3. Scatter the cubes of butter evenly over the surface of the cake mix.
  4. Lastly, sprinkle the fresh blueberries over the top

Science is the reason that the order matters. Heavier ingredients (like the fresh blueberries) will sink during baking.

As a result, placing them at the top ensures that you will have blueberries throughout the cake, rather than all sitting on the bottom.

Blueberry Dump Cake


  • Can I make a crock pot dump cake?
Make the recipe exactly as shown below, except place everything into your crock pot instead of a pan.

To make it this way, grease the bottom and sides of the crock pot, then spread the blueberry pie filling in the bottom. Then, top with the cake mix, the butter, and then the fresh blueberries.

Cover and cook on high for 2 hours or low for 4 hours.

Blueberry Dump Cake

  • How should I serve it?
Blueberry dump cake is very similar to blueberry cobbler, at least in terms of texture. It’s perfectly delicious warm or cold.

I like to serve it individually in bowls, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream over the top.

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Blueberry Dump Cake

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See How Easy it is to Make Blueberry Dump Cake. Watch the video!

Yield: 12

Blueberry Dump Cake

Blueberry Dump Cake

Blueberry dump cake is the easiest cake recipe you’ll ever make. It’s moist, and delicious! Make this 4-ingredient recipe for dessert tonight!
prep time: 10 Mcook time: 50 Mtotal time: 60 M


Blueberry Dump Cake
  • (2) 21-ounce cans blueberry pie filling
  • 1 box white cake mix or yellow cake mix
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, sliced into thin pats (about 48)
  • 2 cups fresh blueberries
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Whipped cream


  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F.
  2. Grease a 9x13 inch baking dish with butter or spray it with nonstick baking spray.
  3. Add the blueberry pie filling to the bottom of the baking dish, and using a rubber spatula, spread it evenly over the surface of the dish.
  4. Sprinkle the cake mix on top of the blueberry filling, distribute evenly. Shake the pan, to make sure the cake mix is spread evenly.
  5. Place pats of butter evenly over the top of the cake mix.
  6. Bake the Blueberry Dump Cake in the preheated oven for about 45-50 minutes or until the top is golden brown. Start checking on the cake after 40 minutes.
  7. Remove cake from the oven and let it just slightly cool on a cooling rack.
  8. Scoop cake into bowls, top with vanilla ice cream. Serve warm.

Blueberry Dump Cake

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  1. When do you add the two cups of fresh blueberries ?
    Did I miss something ?

    1. Yup you did, after putting the butter on top, then add the fresh blueberries

  2. Sounds wonderful! Where do you recommend using the fresh blueberries?

  3. Fresh blueberries go on last, after the pads of butter. :)

  4. Blueberries are added last on top of the pads of butter. :)

  5. I wondering if a lemon cake mix might be good as well.

  6. Would this also work if you made your own berry
    pie filling ??


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