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7-Layer Mexican Bean Dip

7 Layer Mexican Bean Dip is a go to meal in our house - served with tortilla chips or flour tortillas.  This simple recipe is also served at every party we host and there is never a drop left! It is an excellent make ahead recipe that I love to freeze and pop in the oven when we have company or a party.

This recipe was first shared about 5 years ago. Since then I have made it about 50 times with a couple dozen variations and it is always a hit.  7 Layer Mexican Bean Dip is a regular meal that my family requests. They ask for it so often that I started making it ahead so all I have to do it pull it out of the freezer and stick it in the oven.

It all starts with a layer of cheesy refried beans and your favorite rice (I love our baked brown rice or jasmine rice cooked in chicken stock). It is topped with a layer of salsa verde, cheese and seasoned ground beef.  A layer of red enchilada sauce really adds mouth watering flavor to this dish. But it wouldn't be complete without a cheesy topping.

This dish serves about 8-12 people. I like to prepare it in small 2 cup oven safe bowls and freeze them for easy meals. Then I pop them in the oven and viola, dinner is served. Can't beat that.  Be sure to read the cooks notes for variations and make ahead directions.

Dinner's Ready!

With love from our kitchen table to yours!  XO


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7 Layer Mexican Bean Dip
Serves 12

1 pound ground chicken, uncooked
2 tablespoons Mrs Dash Southwest chipotle seasoning
drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
1/4 c water
1 can refried beans (I like spicy refried beans)
2 cups Spicy Baked Brown Rice (cooked) or your favorite cooked rice
1/2 cup salsa verde (green chile sauce)
1/2 cup red enchilada sauce
12 ounces Colby Jack cheese, shredded
1/2 can large black olives, sliced

Preheat oven to 350°F.

In a medium skillet over medium heat drizzle olive oil in warm pan.  Add chicken and brown.  Once chicken is cooked, add chipotle seasoning and stir to combine.  Add water and cover. Simmer 15 minutes, remove cover and cook until water is cooked out.  Set chicken aside until needed.

In a medium casserole dish or heat safe bowl (I used a 1.75 quart).  Spread refried beans into dish and add 4 ounces cheese. mix to combine well.


Add rice and spread evenly.

Add salsa verde and smooth over rice layer.

Sprinkle approximately 4 ounces cheese onto salsa verde layer.  Sprinkle cooked chicken evenly over cheese layer.

Add enchilada sauce and smooth evenly over chicken.  (Notice I put my cheese on top of the chicken, so I had to take it back off and put the enchilada sauce on it.  That is why you see the cheese in there.)

Sprinkle remaining cheese over top.

Arrange sliced olives on top of cheese.

Place dish on a small baking sheet and place in center of oven.  Bake for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and lightly browned (or up to 30 minutes if ingredients are cold).

Serve with chips.

DONNA'S NOTES: This dish freezes very well. I like to make (6) 2-cup servings and freeze them for easy dinners. Each one serves 2 with chips.

To pre-make: Prepare recipe as written, but do not bake it. Wrap oven safe dishes in aluminum foil and freeze.  Then, place in oven for 30-45 minutes on 350°F until warmed through. Uncover the last 10 minutes to melt the cheese.

This is an incredibly versatile recipe that can be made with your favorites. Substitute the seasoned ground chicken layer with ground beef or turkey, Italian sausage (omit seasoning) or even diced left over chicken, turkey, beef or pork.

Diced green chiles are fabulous in place of the Salsa Verde Layer. 

Recipe developed by Donna Elick - The Slow Roasted Italian
Copyright ©2011 The Slow Roasted Italian – All rights reserved.

Originally posted 9/21/11 


  1. Donna, this is one of my favorite dips but you make it look soo good. Your pictures are wonderful, but then again so is this dish. Love it.
    Laura @ A Healthy Jalapeño

  2. That looks like a great dip And so pretty. Since I'm currently on vacation I'm all about the happy hour!

  3. Who doesnt love 7 layer dip. How can you not. It is a staple at my parents house as my dad asks for it ALL THE TIME! Thanks for reminding me about it- I haven't made it in ages

  4. This would definitely make my happy hour happy!!! YUM!

  5. Great idea and look so ncie on the table;))

  6. OMG, this looks amazing!!! i am salivating just looking at it. I would love to learn how to make it! thanks for sharing the recipe and step by step!

  7. No wonder your monkey has been happily eating Mexican food all week! I bet she just loved this.

  8. OH, my gosh!! This looks amazing!!! I usually make those cold layer taco dips so this is a fabulous change of pace. Will definitely try at my next opportunity...thanks!!!

  9. This looks ridiculous!! I need this dip...NOW! Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. This looks amazing! Pinning so that we can try it soon. Tammy ~

  11. OMG this looks AMAZING! Way over the top of a regular 7 layer dip. I can't wait to try this. I might even make it for dinner :) Thanks for sharing.


  12. I made the 7 Layer Mexican Dip for a Super Bowl Party. I added sliced jalapenos on the Green Salsa layer and lettuce, tomato, guacamole and black olives to the top. It was a biggggggg hit. Most people ate it as a casserole instead of a dip. Thank you. That one's in my permanent recipe file.

  13. I have a dumb question. Do you cook the rice first???

  14. Replies
    1. Yes. The rice is cooked. There is a link for spicy baked brown rice, but you can use whatever rice you like. Enjoy. Let us know how it goes.

  15. What brand salsa verde? It looks so much smoothie than the ones I've seen before.

    1. You can use whatever you like. I even use a can of diced green chiles sometimes. Sometimes I puree the can of diced chiles or use Green Chile Enchilada Sauce (Macayos Brand). Enjoy!

  16. looks like the perfect addition to a new years eve party!

    1. Thanks Jessica. It's a family favorite for sure.

  17. This didn't turn out right for me. it didn't havev the consistency of a dip. Too watery.


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