Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kitchen Hack: The Easiest Way to Slice Cherry Tomatoes

Kitchen tips like this one help to keep things simple in my kitchen. Whether it is slicing cherry tomatoes, grapes, olives or cherries this easy kitchen hack is going to save you a lot of prep time in your kitchen.

Fresh tomatoes are one of the most used ingredients in my recipes. They are so simple and fresh and create an amazing flavor in every dish I add them too. I love Roma tomatoes in the summer, but the rest of the year I lean toward cherry or grape tomatoes because they have the most flavor.  After a few years of cutting them one by one I started just using them whole because it is such a tedious job and who has that kind of time? AmIRight?

That is when I heard about this fabulous kitchen shortcut. Since then I have been using it to cut pitted olives, pitted cherries, grapes and just about anything thing round-ish and small that I normally struggle with.

It is going to save you soooo much time!


With love from our simple kitchen to yours. 

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  1. So cool, why did I not think of that. Will certainly be using it from now on. Thanks for the Hack, love it


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