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Leprechaun Munch Mix Snack (VIDEO)

This snack recipe for St. Paddy's Day makes a fun, sweet and salty treat! Leprechaun Munch Mix Snack Recipe features chocolate dipped pretzels in festive colors along with sweet Chex mix. It’s simple to make, too!

Most people enjoy eating savory foods for St. Paddy’s Day. Meals like Irish stew and corned beef and cabbage are always popular choices.

But at the end of the meal, you might want something sweet. For a festive dessert or snack to celebrate the holiday, make this sweet and salty snack recipe!

This sweet St. Patrick’s Day snack is just as easy to make as my recipe for Leprechaun Bait. The best part is, both kids and adults love it!

Leprechaun Munch Mix Snack

The snack recipe ingredients

Like many snacks, the Leprechaun Munch Mix is easy to customize. So, if you want or need to swap any ingredients out, go ahead and add in what you like!

To keep with the theme of St. Patrick’s Day, green, gold, and rainbow colors are in order. But if you want to use this snack recipe for a different holiday, it will be easy to do. Candy melts come in a variety of colors, so have fun with it!

Here’s what you’ll need for the St. Patrick’s Day snack:
  • Rice Chex cereal- Feel free to use corn or wheat Chex, or a combination of them!
  • Lucky Charms marshmallows- I use the Special Edition. Oh, and for you marshmallow lovers… Amazon sells Lucky Charms marshmallows in 1 pound bags!
  • Candy melts- You’ll need dark green, light green, and yellow candy melts
  • Powdered sugar
  • Mini pretzels- Be sure to buy the twists because you’ll be dipping them into the candy melts
  • Andes mints
  • Gold sanding sugar sprinkles to decorate the pretzels (optional)
  • Shortening (optional - it helps the consistency of the candy melts)

Leprechaun Munch Mix Snack

Leprechaun Munch Mix Snack

How to make Leprechaun Munch Mix

These are just basic instructions. Exact ingredient amounts are shown in the recipe card, below.
  1. Line your baking sheet with parchment paper, then set it aside.
  2. Use high power on your microwave to melt light green and yellow candy melts together. It should take about 2 minutes, but stir every 30 to 40 seconds. This will prevent the melts from getting too hot, which can cause them to seize up.
  3. Dip half of each pretzel into the candy melts and lay them on parchment paper. If you want to add the gold sanding sugar sprinkles, this is the time. Let the pretzels cool while you finish making the rest of the snack mix.
  4. Add the Rice Chex cereal to a large mixing bowl.
  5. Melt dark green candy melts in the microwave for 1 minute, then stir until smooth.
  6. Pour the green melts into the Rice Chex and mix until all of the cereal is coated. Let cool
  7. Pour the coated cereal into a zip-top bag, add 1 tablespoon powdered sugar, and shake to coat. 
  8. Repeat with the light green candy melts and remaining Rice Chex cereal. Let cool.
  9. Cut Andes mints in half and place them into a serving bowl.
  10. Add the pretzels, marshmallows, and coated cereal into the bowl with the mints. Stir or toss with your hands to combine.

If you plan to attend any St. Paddy’s Day parties, this makes a great snack!

For school parties, you may want to check the class allergy list first.  Because of the wheat in pretzels, you need to be sure that there are no gluten allergies.

Other St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

If you want a little more of the Irish luck, make a batch of St. Patrick’s Day crockpot candy. It’s a hands-off recipe, so you can let it cook while you make the Leprechaun Munch Mix!

Also, because you will already have some Lucky Charms marshmallows on hand, making Lucky Charms marshmallow treats is a great way to use them!

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See how easy this Leprechaun Munch is to make. Watch the video!!!


Leprechaun Munch

Leprechaun Munch Snack Mix

This snack recipe for St. Paddy's Day makes a fun, sweet and salty treat! Leprechaun Munch Mix features chocolate dipped pretzels in festive colors along with sweet Chex mix. It’s simple to make, too!
prep time: 15 Mcook time: total time: 15 M


  • 6 cups Rice Chex cereal, divided
  • 1 cup Lucky charms Marshmallows, I used the Special Edition
  • 1 cup dark green candy melts
  • 1 1/2 cups light green candy melts, divided
  • 1 1/2 cups yellow candy melts, divided
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 1 cup pretzels
  • 20 pieces Andes Mints, cut in half
  • sprinkles to decorate pretzels, optional


How to cook Leprechaun Munch

  1. Line a large baking sheet (18 x 13 or similar) with parchment paper, then set aside.
  2. Cut Andes Mints in half and set aside.
  3. Melt 1/2 cup light green and 1/2 cup yellow candy melts together.
  4. Dip half of each pretzel into the candy melts and lay on parchment paper, add sprinkles. Let cool.
  5. Add 3 cups Rice Chex cereal to a large mixing bowl.
  6. Melt 1 cup dark green candy melts in the microwave for 1 minute, stir.
  7. Pour melted candy melts into the Chex cereal and mix until all of the cereal is coated.
  8. Pour into a Ziploc bag, add 1 tablespoon powdered sugar and shake to coat.
  9. Repeat with 1 cup light green candy melts and the remaining 3 cups Rice Chex cereal. Let cool
  10. Combine all ingredients into a large bowl, mix well.
  11. Enjoy!
  1. You can add a 1/4 teaspoon of shortening to your candy melts, it will make your melted candy creamier.
  2. Add as many extra mix-ins as you would like.

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  1. I can so see this with peppermint bark and red, white and pink candy melts for the chek cereal and the pretzel dippers. Maybe red candy sprinkles to decorate the pretzels.


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