Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Ode to 30 Minute Meals (16 - 30 Minute Meals - Something for Everyone)

Time seems to be more and more precious these days. 
The holiday's are our busy season for our holiday collectible company (beyora.com).  Chad is just winding down our design firm with one last blog redesign before the season starts (e3studios.com).  That with the normal hustle and bustle of the Christmas season leaves little time for anything else.

We have to schedule time to go look at Christmas lights.  Otherwise, we will get so caught up in work and forget.  Next thing you know it is January.  Well, I am doing everything I can  to get a better handle on our time this year. I am convinced that my friends will see us more than just at our annual Christmas party and we will have time to take part in our Munchkins Christmas festivities.  You know, trip to see Santa and so on. 

Have I mentioned she wants a drum set?  Well, lets thank Daddy and Papa for that.  The musicians in the family.  Well, I say go for it.  I think if she wants to be a drummer, that is awesome!  I also say, put ear plugs on my Christmas list.  {{{Santa, in case I forget to write you a letter.  Take this as a personal note.  I am sure you read our blog.}}}

With that said.  These amazing 30 Minute Meals have all that you are looking for in a delicious and nutritious dish.  Check them out.  Italian, Mexican, Asian, Southwestern, Comfort Food, Midwestern...  It's all here for your drooling pleasure.   Click on the image or the link and it will open each one in a new tab.

30 Minute Cheesy Pesto and Chicken Pasta Bake a fun spin on the the classic baked ziti that you and your family are going to go crazy over!

A hearty vegetarian chili? No, its not a dream. It's The Best Ever Power Packed Vegetarian Chili. Loaded with flavor&completely satisfying!  Ready in about a half an hour.

Cowboy Up! It's Chili Time! Quick-Draw Cowboy Chili is loaded w/ southwestern flavors, 3 kinds of beans, chorizo & beef. Ready in 30 Minutes.

Smoked Sausage Pasta and Vegetable Skillet in 30 Minutes . Packed with tender fresh vegetables, cheese and Italian flavor.

Chicken Parmesano Vino Bianco is even better than Olive Garden!!!  So delicious it may transport you to Italy.

Pierogies and Sausage with Sun-dried Tomato Cream Sauce are a surprisingly perfect comfort food for fall, ready in 30 minutes.

Tuscan Chicken Shepherds Pie - Shepherd's Pie, redefined! The consummate comfort food with a healthy spin, leaner & heartier with chicken and a special ingredient!

Hearty Pasta Fagioli - a traditional Italian dish so thick you can stand a spoon up in the pot.  On your table in 30 minutes!

What's for Dinner? This scrumptious 3 Cheese Skillet Lasagna can be in just 30 minutes!! Packed with traditional flavor, in one skillet in half an hour!

Fall comfort food coming to you in this easy Tortellini and Vegetable Soup.  It is so thick and delicious, you can just about eat it with a fork.

Meat Lovers Pizza Pasta Bake is loaded with your fav pizza toppings and tons of ooey gooey cheese,  in 30 minutes!  REALLY!

Layer upon layer of drool worthy south-of-the-border flavors in this incredibly Simple Mexican Lasagna.  Prep to plate in half an hour!

Hearty Italian Sausage and Potato One Skillet Meal is made with all whole ingredients from the market and the garden. 30 minute meal!!!

20 Minute Turkey Taco Bowls are perfect for your any occasion party or family night! With fabulous spice blend to make this dish POP!

30 Minute Sweet and Sour Pork rivals ANY Chinese restaurant & a special ingredient to crisp pork with out deep frying. This recipe is a keeper!

A twist on your classic baked ziti; this 30 Minute Cheesy Pasta Bake goes from prep to plate in half an hour. A secret ingredient really makes this dish pop!


  1. Just found your blog on pinterest. All of these look great- perfect for chilly Illinois spring weather!

  2. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I am loving your one pot meals!!


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