Sunday, November 20, 2011

Desserts To Be Thankful For

Preparing for Thanksgiving can be so stressful.  So many dishes to choose from.  Today we are sharing some of our favorite desserts to enjoy at Thanksgiving, that you may not have considered.


French Silk Pie is an easy no bake pie.  Rich and luscious creamy chocolate pie, topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate curls.  Delicious and simple!


Peanut Butter Cookie & Chocolate Trifle - Super simple, light, flavorful & incredibly impressive. Perfect for your Thanksgiving table!

Low Calorie Pumpkin Pie Milk Shake -  thick rich and flavorful.  Like Fall in a glass, delicious!!!


Death by Chocolate Cake - its more than a cake...   It is a chocolate journey! 7 layers of fabulous decadence.

Carrot Cake with Toasted Pecans - Moist and delicious carrot cake with a luxurious cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans!

Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Cake - A gift for your palette, this Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Cake melts in your mouth with sweet and salty flavors that will make you swoon.

Honeycrisp Apple Crisp - rich, warm, comforting and delicious.  A perfect apple crisp to share at your Thanksgiving table.

Voluptuous Vanilla Ice Cream - rich creamy and luxurious, the perfect accompaniment to any cake, crisp, or fruit pie.  So delicious, it is served best on its own.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Donna & Chad @ The Slow Roasted Italian


  1. My sweet tooth is growing with age. I could have a bit of all and forget dinner. The peanut butter-chocolate trifle is so original and I am thinking I will be getting protein with the peanuts and dark chocolate is heart-healthy, right?

  2. You know your making it VERY difficult - all these amazing could anyone pick just one?

  3. WOW! They all look amazing but I would be even more thankful if they all ended up on my table like magic this thanksgiving- no pressure! LOL!~

  4. Kristy, Melissa, & Chris - I would be happy to have you over and serve all 8 desserts! Although, you may want to save the Death by Chocolate for last. It is quite a cake!

    Claudia - Very true! I have been in a savory mode myself. Very unlike me, but really enjoying the results on the scale. : )

    Jessica - If only you lived a little closer... I would be happy to deliver. Speaking of which... Will the little one be joining you for Thanksgiving? ; )

  5. What an amazing array of desserts! You've made me hungry for something sweet. Thanks for the round-up!

  6. Wonderful roundup! Me being the dessert fiend, everything here looks fantastic. Mmm that pumpkin milkshake has to be so delicious.

  7. YAY! My beloved dessert made the list. Feel free to whip that bit of heaven up again in your spare time. I'll wait.

  8. I am thankful too! Beautiful recipes, beautiful photos and wonderful flavor combinations :) Hope you and your loved ones have a blessed Thanksgiving! Tricia

  9. Oh My Goodness, Everything looks scrumptious!! I'm pretty sure I just added an inch to my waist line just by looking at them!

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