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Cheesy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bombs (With VIDEO)

Cheesy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bombs are soft and tender portable poppers, stuffed with smoky bacon, scrambled eggs and ooey gooey cheese, topped with garlic herb butter! This scrumptious recipe is the pull apart breakfast of your dreams!

It gets even better than that; you can make these ahead. That's right! Prep them the night before and pop them in the oven in the morning.

We are so excited to be partnering with our friends at Jones Dairy Farm to bring you a scrumptious breakfast or brunch recipe perfect for the holidays with family and friends, starring one of my favorite ingredients: Bacon!!!

Nothing says 'holiday' like starting the day with a special breakfast. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or a birthday I love starting the day off with a scrumptious homemade hot breakfast. As I have shared many times, I am not much of a morning person. Which kind of throws a wrench in those morning breakfast plans.

I would love to get up at 5 AM and start making breakfast from scratch. But let's be honest, that's not happening! Most days my crew will usually eat cereal, and I will grab a protein shake. The only hot breakfast my family and friends are going to be eating is one that I prepared the night before, and I can toss in the oven in the morning.

That is one of the many reasons I absolutely love love love make ahead breakfasts! They are awesome for less stress and more time to spend with your family and friends. A make ahead breakfast with ooey gooey cheese and Cherrywood Smoked Sliced Bacon; it doesn't get much better than that!

These Cheesy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bombs start with frozen dinner rolls (yes that simple). The bread roll is rolled out and loaded up with cheese, bacon, eggs, jalapeno and roasted red peppers. Then you wrap it up like a little package and bake it in the oven (or pop it in the fridge until morning). And you can customize these to make them whatever you like. They are your favorite breakfast items rolled into one scrumptious, portable taste sensation! 

Starting the day with an amazing breakfast inspired by our traditional cheesy bombs is the perfect way to get the day going!

Literally on November 1st, I am in holiday mode. I am ready for the Christmas tree to go up and I am planning for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. By November 2nd I already have a plan. There is no time to waste. It's the holidays season, the most wonderful time of the year and I want to enjoy every microsecond of it!

Starting the morning with these Cheesy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bombs are the perfect start to the day!

I will let you all know that you can pick up Jones Dairy Farm products at your local retailer. The company’s products are distributed nationwide, so be sure to check out their product locator so see where you can pick some up. If you’re looking for the breakfast sausage, it’s in the freezer section!


With love from our Simple Kitchen to yours. 


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See how easy these Cheesy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bombs are to make. Watch the video!

Cheesy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bombs
SERVES 8 | ACTIVE TIME 60 Min | TOTAL TIME 1 Hour 30 Min

1 pound Jones Dairy Farm Cherrywood Smoked Sliced Bacon
4 large eggs
2 tablespoons whole milk
1/8 teaspoon kosher salt
pinch black pepper
16 frozen dinner yeast roll dough balls
flour (to dust counter)
8 ounces shredded milk cheddar cheese
1 medium jalapeno, diced
1/4 cup roasted red peppers, diced

Garlic Herb Butter
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon dried parsley
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

Prepare bacon. I love my bacon in the oven. Bake at 400ºF on a baking sheet. Cook 15-25 minutes or until desired crispness is reached. Remove from oven. Allow to cool and chop into bite size pieces.

Meanwhile: Prepare the eggs. In a medium bowl combine eggs, milk, salt, and pepper. Whisk until completely combined. Spray a small skillet with non-stick cooking spray. Heat skillet over medium heat. Add the egg mixture and stir occasionally until the eggs are scrambled, and no liquid is left in the pan, about 3-4 minutes. Do not cook until they are completely dry, or they will be very dry in the breakfast bomb. Set aside to cool.

Place dinner rolls on a microwave safe plate and microwave on defrost for about 3-4 minutes (or until dough is no longer frozen, but not cooked). Butter a 9" pie plate or a 9"x9" baking pan and set aside.

Lightly flour your counter top. Toss 1 piece of dough in flour and flatten and stretch like you are making a mini pizza. Stretch dough to about 3-4” across.

Sprinkle a tablespoon of cheese over the dough and press into the dough with the palm of your hand. Top with one tablespoon eggs, one tablespoon bacon, 1/2 teaspoon jalapenos and 1/2 teaspoon red peppers onto the center of the dough round. Pull the top and bottom edges of the dough together and then add the left and right edges. Pinch the dough together to create a ball. If the ball won’t seal, tap your finger tips into the flour and then crimp the seal together. Place dough ball in prepared dish. Repeat until all breakfast bombs are in the dish.

Spray a piece of plastic wrap with non-stick spray, place the wrap sprayed side down on the breakfast bombs. Refrigerate until morning or proceed with instructions immediately (cook time will be about 30-35 minutes if not refrigerated).

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Remove baking dish from the refrigerator, remove plastic wrap. Bake for 40-45  minutes until the tops are golden brown and the breakfast bombs are no longer doughy. You can pull one of the edge pieces out and if it is still doughy cook it for another 5 minutes. Cover with foil if the tops start getting too brown (I covered mine at 25 minutes).

Meanwhile: in a small bowl melt butter in the microwave, about 30 seconds or until butter is melted. Add garlic, parsley and salt.  Stir with a pastry brush. Remove breakfast bombs from the oven. Brush them with melted butter mixture.  Serve and enjoy!

DONNA'S NOTES: If you would like these to be round (more like our traditional bomb series) and less like a pull apart bread you can bake them on a cookie sheet about 2-3 inches away from each other.

If you prefer, you can use a pastry roller or small rolling pin to roll these bombs out.

Recipe developed by Donna Elick - The Slow Roasted Italian
Copyright ©2016 The Slow Roasted Italian – All rights reserved.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in partnership with Jones Dairy Farm.  All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


  1. Hi, these cheesy bacon and egg breakfast bombs really were awesome and I liked them very much. Your recipe was easy to understand and pretty much you shared every detail we need to cook it at home. And the pictures you posted were useful for me to understand the whole cooking process. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi there. I love this recipe and cannot wait to try it this week. I noticed in your pictures that the breakfast bombs look like they're open on at least one or two sides showing the egg and ingredients. Is this because you cooked them in a pie plate sides touching, and when you pull them apart it then exposes the sides making it look like a sandwich? Conversely, if I were to cook them 2 to 3 inches apart on a cookie sheet would they stay self-contained in the little ball? Thank you for any helpful hints you can give. Trying to decide which method to follow.

  3. Do you think you could make these with pizza dough? I assist at a breakfast club and I think that the kids would love them, I would just have to make a lot of them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  4. My family makes something similar, but cook them in a buttered muffin pan, with the sealed side down. Works great!

    1. I used Rhodes frozen dinner rolls.

  5. What kind of dinner yeast dough rolls are you using? I cannot find it at the local store.

  6. What kind of frozen dinner yeast dough rolls are you using? I am not able to find any at the local walmart.

  7. I need to ask if these can be frozen somehow. They REALLY look yummy. It is just me here and I don't think I would want to eat the whole thing. HAHA...

    1. Did you try freezing? That was my question too perfect for campimg

  8. Is there any way to freeze these? It is just me here and they look so yummy.

    1. Just wondering if you tried freezing and if it worked

  9. I'd like you know more about the Breakfast Club you mentioned would you email me at : AnonymousDecember 5, 2016 at 6:27 AM
    Do you think you could make these with pizza dough? I assist at a breakfast club and I think that the kids would love them, I would just have to make a lot of them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


    1. I don't see why you couldn't use pizza dough; just roll out and using cookie cutter, cut into desired circles and prepare as usual.
      I have used tube of the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls when making breakfast bombs, tube of Crescents, even tube of the refrigerated Grands biscuits.
      Have also used diced ham in place of the bacon or try using both. Delicious either way.
      I have never tried freezing bombs like this as they are eaten before making it to the freezer but don't see why not freeze. Just wrap each individually really well, put in freezer ziplock bags. When ready to eat, just pop in microwave and heat through.

  10. Can you use just regular bacon instead here or another brand that is like it?


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