Tuesday, August 21, 2012

20 Minute Homemade Taco Bowls - Better than Takeout

I love parties.  Give me any excuse or no excuse and I am off planning one.  Birthday parties, holiday parties, Christmas parties, and taco parties (just to name a few).  I love them all but, an any occasion taco party is so much fun!  Loaded with taco shells, toppings and the perfectly seasoned filling; simplicity is the true theme here.  With fun easy to make baked taco bowls, this fun twist on an ordinary taco night is just what your family night needs!

This is a fun twist on taco night an amazing homemade spice mix (you really need to check out the recipe), homemade baked taco bowls and LEAN GROUND TURKEY!  Yes, made with lean ground turkey that is so moist your guests will never know the difference.  Chad (he's anti-turkey) was very surprised to hear this was turkey!

One spice in this mix really makes the flavor pop, these Turkey Taco Bowls are a must try!!!

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  1. These taco bowls look both fun and tasty! Creative idea!

  2. Pictures---no--recipes ----


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