Saturday, October 29, 2011

Haunted Halloween and Fabulous Fall Cocktail Roundup

Hello and happy Halloween weekend.  What a fantastic month October has been and we are looking forward to the fall weather that will be coming in the next few weeks.

We are so excited about the Halloween parties this weekend that we decided to do a quick recap of some Halloween and Fall Cocktails today and tomorrow.  Hope you enjoy!!!


CANDY CORN MARTINI -Infused candy corn vodka is the main ingredient in this amazing Candy Corn Martini. Tastes like Halloween in a glass!

THE VAMPIRE'S ECLIPSE - The suns eclipse captured The Vampire's Eclipse.  With 3 magical layers this shot is sure to impress!! 

CARAMEL APPLE MARTINI -Butterscotch and sour apple schnapps are combined with vodka to make this fabulous autumn-inspired drink.


CINNAMON TOAST COCKTAIL -Fabulous fall cocktail, this Cinnamon Toast Cocktail warms you with hot cider and Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum!

MOCHA EXPRESS COCKTAIL - Mocha Express Cocktail is a combination of your favorite espresso blend, Kahlua, Bailey's Irish cream and your best vodka for a kick!

URBAN TWILIGHT COCKTAIL - The spiced and dark rums mingle with the bright amaretto energy, mixing day and night in one inviting drink: URBAN TWILIGHT!

HEIDI'S COMET COCKTAIL - Heidi's Comet Cocktail is a fantastic way to step into fall.  It will warm you up with amaretto, vodka, apple cider and cinnamon.


  1. Look delicious I love specially mocha express Yummy!! gloria

  2. Fantastic! Mmm cinnamon toast! and The Vampire's Eclipse is gorgeous!!


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