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Strawberry Jam Recipe (Best Ever) + Video

This Strawberry Jam Recipe really is the best ever (no pectin needed). Make a batch after you go strawberry picking!

Strawberry Jam: Best Ever

Now that summer has arrived, you can find berries everywhere when you shop. Grocery stores, farmer's markets, and pick your own berry farms are all bursting with fresh strawberries.

Of course, now that berry season has arrived, I have been getting all of my strawberry recipes ready. There are so many delicious ways to enjoy fresh summer berries.

Have you tried my Strawberry Habanero Everything Spread? Or, you might want to try my Strawberry Dump Cake or my No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake.

Of course, no summer is complete without a big slice of my Fresh Strawberry Pie.

Strawberry Jam: Ingredients for the recipe

Strawberry Jam recipe without pectin

This recipe doesn't need powdered or liquid pectin added to it. If you're wondering how to make a jam recipe without pectin, I'll explain.

Jam recipes need to have added pectin to help them firm up.

But, in some cases instead of adding powdered or liquid pectin, you can simply add a fruit that naturally contains pectin like apple, pears, plums, or oranges.

In this strawberry jam recipe, I have added Granny Smith apples. So, there is no need to add extra pectin.

To help the apples dissolve more easily, you can grate them rather than adding chunks or slices to the strawberry mixture.

Remember that the more ripe a berry is, the less natural pectin it has.

Strawberry Jam Recipe: Strawberries Cooking Down in Pot

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Frozen Strawberries?

When you make my strawberry jam recipe, fresh berries will have the best flavor. But, you can also use frozen berries if you don't have fresh ones on hand.

Just be sure that you drain them completely before adding them. You don't want extra water in the jam or it may not set properly.

Tips For Preparing the Strawberries

To get the strawberries ready for this strawberry jam recipe, you will need to quarter them. This leaves a nice amount of texture in your jam recipe.

If you prefer your jam to be a bit smoother, you can process them a bit with a stick blender as they are cooking. Or, if you prefer more texture in your jam, you can leave it as is and skip that step.

Strawberry Jelly: Scooping the foam off the top

How Can I Tell When my Strawberry Jam is Done?

The easiest way to tell when this jam is done cooking is by waiting for it to thicken. If you use a wooden spoon to lift a bit from the pot, you will see it clinging to the spoon in drops.

When that happens, your jam is ready.

Another way to test it is by using a candy thermometer. Jam is at the perfect consistency at 220 degrees.

So, when you reach that point, your jam is done and ready to be poured into jars.

How Should I Store my Jam?

Once you've made this jam, it will need to be stored in the refrigerator. It has not been processed, so it isn't shelf-stable.

It will keep longer, if you pack and seal in canning jars according to the manufacturer's instructions. Check with the instructions that come with your canning jars for the correct processing time.

You can store this strawberry jam in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Properly sealed, it will stay good for two weeks.

If you want to keep this jam for longer than a few weeks, you should freeze it. Freezer jam is just as delicious. Just put it in a freezer-proof container with a tightly fitting lid.

Then, you can keep it in the freezer for several months. When you want to use it, let it thaw in the refrigerator.

Strawberry Jam: Candy thermometer to check doneness

What Should I Serve this On?

Homemade jam is one of the best things to put on toast from homemade bread. you might want to try it on my homemade bread recipe. Or, this homemade no-yeast bread is a wonderful option toasted.

You can also serve it on these fluffy buttermilk pancakes instead of syrup. Or, add it to this cornflake crusted French toast for breakfast.

Strawberry Jam: A big scoop of jam


With love from our simple kitchen to yours. 

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Strawberry Jam (scoop over jelly jar)

Want to see how you make this Strawberry Jam? Watch the video!

Yield: 2 Jars

Strawberry Jam scoop over a jar, close up

Strawberry Jam (Best Ever)

This really is the best ever strawberry jam recipe (no pectin needed)! Flavorful, delicious and easy to make. Can't beat that!

Prep time: 20 MinCook time: 20 Total time: 40 Min


            • 2 pounds fresh strawberries, quartered
            • 2 cups granulated sugar
            • 2 tablespoons orange juice
            • 3/4 Granny Smith apple (peeled, cored and chopped small)


                          1. In a large pot over medium heat combine strawberries, sugar, orange juice and apples. Stir well to combine. Bring to a boil, stirring often. 
                          2. You will start to notice foam rising to the top of your jam.
                          3. As the foam rises to the top skim it with a ladle and place it in a cup. You may choose to discard the foam, but we like to eat it. All that strawberry goodness! 
                          4. Stir until the jam thickens. If you use a wooden spoon to lift a bit from the pot, you will see it clinging to the spoon in drops. When that happens, your jam is ready. Or using a candy thermometer when your jam reaches 220°F it is done. This will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes.
                          5. Remove the pot from heat. 
                          6. Your apples should dissolve into your jam and you will not taste them, however on occasion mine do not completely dissolve, so I transfer my jam to a food processor and blend it smooth. As it so happens this batch is for a gift and they like smooth jam, but my family prefers the chunky.
                          DONNA'S NOTES
                          1. If you are not food processing it, place jam in bowl or jelly jars and allow to come to room temperature. Then store in the refrigerator.
                          2. I have not canned these as we love it so much it goes too fast. I put it in a glass bowl or 2 jelly jars and store it in the fridge.
                          3. Jam will keep in the refrigerator for at least 2 weeks (much longer from my experience). But, it will keep longer, if you pack and seal in canning jars according to the manufacturer's instructions.

                          Strawberry Jam Recipe: a big bite of jam

                          Originally published June 2011, updated and republished July 2020


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                          1. Do you cover the pan with a lid?

                          2. Does this recipe call for 3/4 of one apple or 3-4 apples

                            1. 3/4 apple, but it is easer to just use a whole apple.

                          3. Grate your apple which makes it easier for it to dissolve.

                          4. Can this be processed in a canning water bath

                          5. Can this be done with peachs


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