Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Italian Meatball Soup

Italian Meatball Soup is loaded with veggies and lean meatballs cooked in a light tomato broth. This recipe is ready in just 30 minutes.  It could be made in a crock pot but why wait?

January is such a representation of new beginnings, it is a time to pull things together.  A new year is the perfect time to set goals and make plans to achieve them. "Do or do not, there is no try!"  I love that quote.  So, let's do...

Let's get started with a Light Italian Meatball soup that goes from prep to plate in just 30 minutes!  Packed with lean flavorful meatballs and veggies in a light tomatoey broth with a sprinkling of pasta.  Perfect to satisfy those pasta cravings without over indulging.  You NEED to make this!

Dinner's Ready!

With love from our Kitchen Table to yours.  XOXO

Check out these 30 minute soups from our Simple Kitchen: Creating delicious meals in a snap!   Click on the image or the link and it will open each one in a new tab.

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Broccoli Cheese Soup with Chicken and Rice is a scrumptious one pot meal that goes from prep to plate in 25 Minutes!

How does a thick and creamy Chicken and Dumplings done in 30 minutes sound? No, its not a dream and no canned soup!


  1. This looks very yummy and easy to make. It is something the kids would definitely like. Thanks for sharing and I am following you now. I would love for you to follow along.

  2. Very nice! I love meatballs - and this looks so richly flavored. Good one!

  3. I just loved this recipe as well as those links. Beautiful pictures and detailed recipe makes all your posts so special!

  4. Love this, sounds so perfect right now!


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