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Cheesy Bacon Cowboy Burger and our Trip to Sedona, AZ

Our trip to Sedona was fantabulous.  Such a great way to step back and appreciate what's important.  Aside from the red rocks, the energy, the vortex's and small town feel (even with 4 million visitors a year)....  Sedona makes me think of burgers.  Funny, isn't it!  I imagine it is that restaurant that we love The Cowboy Club.  Sadly we missed it this stop, but I assure you its on the top of our list for August.

When we got into town we checked into the fabulous Sedona Rouge Resort and Spa.  We unpacked a little and found that my laptop screen died. {{{gasp}}}  Well, we called down to the front desk and they assured me there was a Staples right next door.  So, after all that was squared away we headed out for an early dinner.

We had a 6:00pm reservation at  The Heartline Cafe, a family owned a operated restaurant that is nestled below Thunder Mountain.  Owned by Chuck and Phyllis who are hands on and in the day to day.  We sat in their fabulous garden to enjoy the weather and the view.  It was a completely relaxing way to kick off the first night of our trip.

I started off with the cream of broccoli soup.  It was creamy, flavorful and delicious.  For dinner Chad and I shared the steak special with brandy peppercorn sauce and the grilled marinated pork tenderloin with apple chutney.  Dinner was lovely and our server was wholly friendly and attentive.  Great Sedona stop!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and went up to the observation terrace and took in a breath taking Sedona sunset.  We enjoyed that so much we decided to stay to get something to eat from Red's Restaurant and had it delivered to the roof.  Sunset watching makes us hungry (and we could smell the burgers from the roof.  OH MY WORD!). click here to read more about our stay at Sedona Rouge

The following morning we went out to take in some sights.  We explored our favorite mountain in Sedona, Bell Rock.  So fun watching Munchkin walk around and talk about the adventure.

We headed back to the Sedona Rouge for lunch we couldn't get those burgers at Red's off our minds.  Their perfectly cooked charbroiled Angus burgers are so incredibly delicious.  Chef Ron assured us it is all in the quality of ingredients.  I still think they know some burger magic.  I am going to have to go back and try them again and again until I figure it out.

After lunch we jumped on the Sedona Trolley. They say its "the first best thing to do in Sedona". They are sooo right!  This was our second time taking the trolley to tour Sedona and we were fortunate enough to have Erin as our tour guide again.  She is funny, knowledgeable, incredibly personable and has a voice that relaxes you into the Sedona groove.  I completely recommend that you stop in and take BOTH tours.

Tour A takes you through the south side of town including a stop at the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  Can I just say stopping in that church to pray and meditate no matter your beliefs is a "must do" in Sedona.  Tour B visits the west side of town and heads out to the Dry Creek Valley.  The information from a local is worth its weight in gold and this tour is the perfect way to get your footing and direction for your Sedona vacation.  Yes, this is on our to do list for our trip in August.

After the trolley we stopped over at the lookout at the Airport.  The sunset is awwwe-mazing!  It is a must do in Sedona.  After enjoying the sunset we were heading to The Cowboy Club for dinner, but I insisted we stop off at the Black Cow Cafe.  You can smell their fresh made waffle cones on the whole street.  I thought we would enjoy our ice cream and then stop in for dinner.  I was soooo wrong.  The ice cream is incredible and we were so full that we headed back to the hotel and skipped The Cowboy Club {{{whimper}}}.  Dag-gum delicious ice cream!  Oh we will be hitting that stop again too!

Well all of Sedona closes early (around 9pm) perhaps so you can enjoy stargazing.  We headed back to the hotel to do just that but I was whipped!  I fell asleep on our freshly made bed waiting to head up to the terrace.  Next thing I know its morning and we are getting ready to check out.  We headed to Red's for breakfast.  I have to tell you, you MUST come enjoy Red's breakfast.  The food, the staff, the restaurant...  lovely!

Next stop on the way out of town was the Red Rock State Park.  A very easy walk through nature to enjoy Cathedral Rock, the creeks, the beach and even my 3 year old was head over heals with the whole visit.  The park starts out just like any other with a lovely field and restrooms.  Then you pass by the waterwheel and step back and into nature.

Right away you notice a little swimming area, but if you keep walking you will see breathtaking sights.  The walk to Buddha beach was easy (if you are watching the ground).  We walked along a fantastic path leading to this incredible flat rock formation.

Walk over the rocks and head to your left and you are on your way to Buddha beach.  We laid out a blanket under the shade trees and enjoyed the sun, sand, water and view.  There are more challenging hikes that you can enjoy in this park, but this was perfect for us!

Last stop on the way out of town was the Airport vortex, a lovely mountain to climb and an incredible view.  Luckily sadly, Munchkin passed out in the car and I had to stay with her while Chad explored the area.  The photos are gorgeous and he was wholly happy to be able to experience it.  An amazing trip that we will remember forever!

A fabulous ending to a wonderful vacation.  So, as I was planning this post I knew that I was making a Sedona inspired burger.  Red's Restaurant and the Cowboy Club completely inspired my need to create a burger from this trip.  The Cheesy Bacon Cowboy Burger is loaded with cheese, bacon and smoky flavor!  You are going to love it!

Dinner's Ready!

With love from our Kitchen Table to yours.  XOXO

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Check out our fabulous breakfast inspired by our stay at the Sedona Rouge.  Click on the image to open in a new window.

Unbelievable Corn Flake Crusted French Toast inspired by Red's Restaurant and our stay at the luxurious Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa.


Yield: 4
Author: Donna Elick
Cheesy Bacon Cowboy Burger

Cheesy Bacon Cowboy Burger

Our trip to Sedona was fantabulous. Such a great way to step back and appreciate what's important. Aside from the red rocks, the energy, the vortex's and small town feel (even with 4 million visitors a year).... Sedona makes me think of burgers. Funny, isn't it! I imagine it is that restaurant that we love The Cowboy Club. Sadly we missed it this stop, but I assure you its on the top of our list for August.
Prep time: 5 MinCook time: 6 MinTotal time: 11 Min


  • 2 pounds ground sirloin
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1 teaspoon ground chile de arbol (or cayenne pepper to taste)
  • 1 tablespoon A-1 sauce
  • 1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 8 onion rings (your favorite)
  • 1 cup favorite barbecue sauce
  • 4 strips thick cut bacon, cooked
  • 4 slices mild cheddar cheese
  • lettuce
  • tomato, sliced
  • 4 big hamburger buns


  1. Preheat grill to high.
  2. Combine first 7 ingredients in a bowl. Mix with hands to combine. Do not over mix.
  3. Form beef into 4 patties, slightly larger than your bun. Make a slight indentation in the center of the burger to prevent it from doming up in the center. The indentation will rise as your burger cooks.
  4. Grill until golden brown and slightly charred (about 3 minutes), turning once (cook for 3 minutes on the other side for medium). Try not to press down on your burger with a spatula. It will cause the juices to escape and will create a dry burger!
  5. Toast buns on low or indirect heat.
  6. Place lettuce and tomato slices on bun, top with burger, cheese,m bacon and 1/4 cup barbecue sauce. Add 2 onion rings. Serve and enjoy!

We were graciously hosted at the Sedona Rouge and the Heartline Cafe.  All opinion are our own.


  1. Love all of this, and I love Sedona. Your photos are fabulous, but I have to say I don't think you can take a bad shot there, the light is so incredibly clear.


    That is an absolutely gorgeous burger, just stunning.

  3. Very nice post with great pictures. Thanks for sharing this here with us.

    1. So nice of you to stop by. We have star gazing on our list for a future Sedona trip! Perhaps we will be contacting you soon.

  4. Great photos of a beautiful area. That burger looks delicious-I will have to try out that recipe. Sedona green

  5. The burger looks AWESOME!!!! Could it be made with your beer cheddar cheese sauce ????


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