Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Party Shooters

New Years Eve is the perfect occasion to serve cocktail shooters. You can mix up a batch of a few of your favorites and serve them all night with plastic shot cups or shooter vials. Both are available at your local party stores.

For a more laid back approach fill a couple of pitchers with your favorites and set the shot glasses/cups next to the pitchers for a self serve mini bar. 

Have a very Happy New Years!

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Chocolate Caramel Cookie Cocktail Shooters perfect for any party or any day. Serve with or without the cookie!

B-52 Layered Cocktail Shooters all around!!! This is a classic, built with coffee liqueur, Irish cream and one special flavor on top. There are a ton of variations, which is your favorite???

Candy Cane Shooters are like a candy cane in a glass!

Stars and Stripes - Red, White & Blue Layered Shot, like magic the layers separate. Want to know the secret???

Bubble Gum Cocktail Shooters are so creamy and taste so much like your favorite bubble gum you may be tempted to chew it!

The suns eclipse captured The Vampire's Eclipse.  With 3 magical layers this shot is sure to impress!!

White Chocolate Ghost Cocktail Shooters have all the BOO's you need! With white chocolate and marshmallow flavor you may need to make 2!


  1. You seriously take the prettiest pictures! :-) Happy new Year!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth Ann. I will pass that on to Chad. Have a Happy New Year! XOXO


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