Thursday, March 22, 2018

Orange Honey Glazed Ham

The Best Ever Orange Honey Glazed Ham recipe starts with a bone in ham and a glaze that will absolutely blow your mind. A few simple ingredients come together to create the most glorious ham you have ever tasted. It is sweet, tangy and utterly divine.

It is truly the best ham we have ever eaten. It's had rave reviews from everyone who has tried it. In fact my husband has eaten so much ham over the last month that I am pretty sure he is going to turn into a ham sandwich.

Interestingly, I just recently found out that my husband LOVES ham. You might think this is an odd thing to discover after 19 years together, but alas I honestly I had no clue. Last month we were talking about what we wanted for Easter and he blurted out "why don't you ever cook ham"? Well, that was all it took, 1 month and 4 hams later we now have a family favorite. I guess you could say that I made up for lost time.

Looking for the perfect ham, I turned to our friends at Jones Dairy Farm.  They are all-natural, gluten free and offer a full range of products that are still made the old fashioned way. And that my friends makes for the best ham we have ever tasted, hands down. I know you are anxious to try it and believe me, this ham will be the centerpiece of our table.

Caramelized bits of orange rind from the marmalade speckle the top of the ham and compliment it with bright flavor. Marmalade combined with honey and brown sugar makes it perfectly sweet and the consummate compliment to the hickory smoked ham, with a subtle hint of warmth from the cloves and a touch of spice from the mustard this is honestly the best ham you will ever eat. Can't wait to get your hands on it, I know!  CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Being this was my first (four) time(s) cooking ham, I guess I should mention it was also my first time carving a ham so I got some great pointers from this fantastic video.

If you would like to find more recipes, tips and information on Jones Dairy Farms, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.!

With love from our simple kitchen to yours. 

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in partnership with Jones Dairy Farm.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.  

Originally published 3/9/15


  1. This looks amazing I am making it for Easter. Thank you for the recipe amd the ham. I will check out Jones.

  2. The flavor combo of the orange and honey sounds so good! Loving this ham recipe!

  3. This ham would be a great additions to Easter dinner! So delicious!

  4. Oh my gosh! This is the most perfect looking ham I have ever seen :)

  5. I am seriously counting down the days until Easter for ham!!

  6. Wow! What an impressive piece of pig. This ham is gorgeous. Pinned!

  7. I have this recipe pinned & printed. Will probably try this for Easter Thanks for the recipe & the giveaway.

  8. I have eaten Jones Ham and Sausage products for many years. I have acute celiac disease, and live a strict Gluten Free Lifestyle. Your recipe indicates that this beautiful Ham Recipe is not Gluten Free. I have re-read all of the ingredients, and can't find where there could be and Gluten in this recipe. What am I missing?


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