Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cheesy Pesto and Chicken Pasta Bake in 30 Minutes!

Baked ziti is one of my all time favorite dishes, if not THE favorite.  It makes me think of special occasions growing up and has become my comfort food extraordinaire.  I love to take the classic baked ziti and twist it up.  With cravings for comfort food and a garden full of basil, there was only one thing to do. 

Check out these fantastic, quick and easy dishes from our Simple Kitchen: Creating delicious meals in a snap!   Click on the image or the link and it will open each one in a new tab.

Cowboy Up! It's Chili Time! Quick-Draw Cowboy Chili is loaded w/ southwestern flavors, 3 kinds of beans, chorizo & beef. Ready in 30 Minutes.

Chicken Parmesano Vino Bianco is even better than Olive Garden!!!  So delicious it may transport you to Italy.

Tuscan Chicken Shepherds Pie - Shepherd's Pie, redefined! The consummate comfort food with a healthy spin, leaner & heartier with chicken and a special ingredient!


  1. cheesy pesto? Awesome. I like this idea alot I am going to use it on more than just pasta:) like everything

  2. The cold temps last week finished off my basil :(

  3. I just made the cheesy pesto chicken pasta and it was AMAZING! Way better than Olive Garden! My husband's new favorite:) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I just made the cheesy pesto chicken pasta and it was AMAZING! Seriously this was way better than Olive Garden and it's my husband new favorite dinner:) Thanks for sharing!!


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