Friday, December 14, 2012

The Genuine Candy Cane Martini

No flavor 'says' Christmas quite like peppermint.  The candy cane is the perfect celebration of this fabulous flavor.  Chad can't seem to get enough candy cane.  We have been enjoying candy canes in ice cream, cookies, cakes, hot cocoa...  Well you had to know a candy cane cocktail was just around the corner.

This candy cane martini is absolutely Santa certified!!!  It is THE SIGNATURE MARTINI of the NORTH POLE.  Developed by a long time candy cane lover (our very own cocktail artist: Chad) with the authentic candy cane experience kept in mind, this martini is like drinking a candy cane in liquid form.  It is sweet, creamy, and packs the perfect peppermint kiss!  Make 2, your going to want to share this one.

Kick 'em off and pour yourself one. I know you will love it.

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The Genuine Candy Cane Martini
serves 1 large or 2 small martini's

2 ounces infused Candy Cane Vodka (recipe to follow)
2 ounces DiSaronno Amaretto
2 ounces International Delight French Vanilla Creamer
Crushed candy canes for rimming the glass
Peppermint stick or candy cane for garnish

Prepare a martini glass by dipping rim of glass in a shallow dish of candy cane vodka or other liquid of choice.  Transfer to a shallow dish of crushed candy canes, gently spin in dish until coated.  **If you are rimming with large chunks, try brushing a thicker substance such as corn syrup on glass and then gently pressing candy canes onto glass.  Set aside.

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake to combine, strain out ice and pour into prepared martini glass and garnish with a candy cane.  Serve and enjoy!

Infused Candy Cane Vodka
10 full size candy canes, broken in bite size pieces
8 oz whipped cream vodka

In a medium size resealable glass jar combine candy canes and vodka.  Allow to sit for about 4 hours until candy canes are most or completely dissolved.  Strain infusion through a fine mesh strainer to remove any lingering candy cane pieces.  Use as desired.

Click here for a printable version of this recipe - The Slow Roasted 


  1. Yum! Looking forward to trying this is cocktail!

  2. That is the most beautiful photo, wow, I love it!

  3. It look so delicious.Love it very much.Perfect for the holidays!!!

  4. Does the homemade infused vodka taste very different from the Smirnoff Peppermint Twist vodka? I have the whipped vodka and candy canes, but want to know if it changes the flavor profile of the drink.


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