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  1. OMG!!!! I love this site. So much love & thought put into it. The recipes are wonderful and are soon going to be used in my rotation menus...THANK you so much...

  2. Donna: Love your recipes!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. As a full service Travel Agent, who is also a Certified Accessibility Travel Consultant, (I believe the Handicapped deserve to travel in an Accessible World!) I love to cook as much as I love traveling to Italy. The most amazing food we had on our first and nowhere last trip to Italy was the 'White Pizza" offered to us at a wonderful restaurant in Rome, we have eaten there each time we visit.
    We placed our order, wine; entrees; salads, the waiter asked if we would like some White Pizza. With the aid of our digital translator and broken Italian, we said 'no creama'..we are both Lactose Intolerant, and Buffalo Mozzarella, that made with loads of heavy cream kills us.
    He said no creama! we said yes, off he went. He returned 15 minutes or so later with a basket of heaven.
    Beautiful baked pizza dough that had been brushed with a perfect amount of olive oil, sprinkled lightly with fresh basil and parsley, then what must have been at least 4-6 cloves of minced garlic. The taste and smell was incredible. I make it often.
    Bon Appetite.

  4. Thanks for all these great recipes!! I love using my slow cooker and found it really easy to tweak lots of these recipes to drop the calories down a few notches, Especially your hot wing recipe!!!! Keep up the great work and I will continue to follow!

  5. I love this site! Hints and recipies are always workable and very helpful . I can't imagine trying to remain Italian with out this site !!

  6. Love this site. Very helpful. Makes me want to always try to do better!

  7. You guys are amazing.

  8. Great recipes! Could you post nutritional content? Sue

  9. How much pasta in this recipe? Do you drain the oil from the tomatoes?

  10. I am getting ready to make your one-pot cheesy Italian pasta and chicken but I don't see what to do with the chicken. please help

  11. Potatoes on grocery list....making potato salad


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