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Top 10 All Time Favorite Fries and Dipping Sauces

Top TEN All Time Fries and Dipping Sauces shared by a burger freak with a french fry addiction (that's me!)

You have to know what a 'burger freak' I am by now.  We have created tons of gourmet burger recipes and devoured every last one.  I know I have raved about my favorite burger places and gone on and on about the different burgers.

What I may not have told you is
that I have a fry 'thing' too!  One of my favorite burger places has bottomless fries on the menu.  Can I just tell you that I can sit in there and eat nothing but 6 baskets of fries with my favorite dipping sauces and I bring the burger home. {{gasp}}

YEP!  It's true.  Now you know my secret.  In honor of my french fry 'addiction' and a serious craving for some grilled fries and that Smoky Beer Cheddar Cheese Sauce I have put together our favorite fries and dipping sauces for your drooling pleasure!

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Don't miss our favorite dipping sauces!
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Fully Loaded Cheesy Taco Fries are piled high with fabulously flavorful seasoned beef, ooey gooey cheese and a lettuce and tomatoes. It doesn't get more kid friendly that that! Ready in just 35 minutes this simple recipe is sure to be a repeat on your menu planner.

Seasoned Grilled Fries with a little kick & grilled to perfection. With a firm crispy exterior these fries are the best for dipping!

The best ever Honey Mustard Sauce. Better than Wendy's Copycat Honey Mustard.  Its my new favorite!

Make these simple Red Robin Seasoned Oven Baked Fries with 3 ingredients! Fabulously flavorful, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Quick & easy Grilled Salt and Pepper Potato Chips take 15 minutes from prep to plate!

Smoky Beer Cheddar Cheese Sauce. Beer and cheddar cheese perfectly combine with the fabulous spices to create a rich, smoky deep cheddar cheese flavor that you just can not get enough of!The best cheese sauce you will ever eat. Seriously!

Never miss out on fries with your burger again. Simple and delicious Grilled Sweet Potato Fries are the perfect barbeque treat!

When you want a fast side for your grilling get together. These Grilled Barbecue Potato "Chips" Slices are exactly what you need.

Homemade Chipotle Lime Mayo and Dipping Sauce adds a smokiness and just the perfect amount of heat to chicken, burgers, fries and more!!!

These Oven Baked Garlic Potato Fries are crisp, flavorful and delicious - a MUST try!

Simple Barbecue Ranch Sauce is a great fry dipping sauce, great on burgers too! If you like Red Robins Campfire Sauce, you'll love this!!

Originally published 5/24/13


  1. Loved this roundup...such great recipe as always :)

  2. Donna,

    I really enjoy the site and the recipes, but can't you simply give us the recipe without the 4-page buildup? I don't know about others, but I would imagine if you are presenting us with a recipe, you have tried it and liked it. I have never seen a recipe here for poached tripe and peanut butter sandwiches. And having to click on link after link to finally get to the recipe is a wee bit tiresome.

    1. Hi Alpharetta Cooking!

      Thanks for the feedback. This page is a round up of 10 recipes. That is why you have to click to get to the recipe. We only publish the recipe one time.


    2. Alpharetta Cooking; whether I agree or disagree with your personal opinion; one should not be criticized for voicing one's opinion.

      Donna; Thank you for posting such great recipes.

    3. Hi, Alpharetta. You have, unfortunately, coped a lot of flak for simply expressing an opinion. I'm afraid it's a sign of the times. Some criticizing you for the way they perceived your comment have been far meaner than you. It seems virtue signalling is just that....a signal and of no substance.

      Donna, thanks for the recipes. Nice round up of them. I appreciate your efforts. :)

  3. I just have a comment for Alpharetta Cooking... it is incredibly rude to visit a food blog and then criticize how they choose to blog about their recipes that they take the time to post for US. If you do not like the "tiresome" 4-page buildup to recipes, don't read them. I imagine most of us that follow this blog do so because they are fun to read and do not mind the stories behind the recipes. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in. Keep up the fabulous job and keep the amazing recipes comin' Donna, love them all!

    1. Wow, the nerve of some people!! If your only in for the recipes and don't want to get to know the author then go to Betty Crocker!!

  4. I enjoy the build up to the recipes, thanks for this great blog.

  5. I enjoy the build up to the recipe and have no bother holding ctrl as I click the recipe I want to check out (keeps this page open)
    Thank you for this great blog.

    1. Thanks, Jayne, that's a trick I did not know.

  6. Alpharetta Cooking sounds a tad snarky! I enjoy this site in part because of the stories that accompany the great recipes.

  7. Everything looks delicious Lacey.

  8. The all look delicious!

  9. Wow!What a snarky comment Alpharetta Cooking. If you don't like the chatter and personal stories then simply don't visit or subscribe to the blog. Plenty of other boring recipe only sites put there for you to peruse at your leisure. I personally love the time, effort and personal takes the lass puts into her every post. Makes the cooking of it even more exciting! I think you are doing a bloody good job Donna. Thanks a lot! You also handled the negative comment with grace and aplomb. The cheap of some people. Lol. Have a great day love x

  10. I am so on these to make yummy foods from scratch

  11. Thank you so much for your recipes and time

  12. I love your great recipes! Thank you!!


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