Friday, July 6, 2012

Gourmet Strawberry Balsamic Popsicles

Summertime calls for refreshing treats; fresh fruit and ice pops are tied for number one in our book.  So how do you take your favorites and combine them into one incredible treat?  It occurred to me when I was making the balsamic reduction for the Gourmet Caprese Burger.  After reducing the balsamic, it was so amazing I was literally licking it off the spoon.  So, I had to make a second batch, okay and a third too.  I could not stop eating it and drizzling it on everything.  I realized that first of all, Fresina's should look into turning their Signature Balsamic into lollipops.  Seriously.  I would buy them!

But second, this balsamic would be fantastic in desserts.  I immediately thought of the classic strawberries and balsamic and decided to make an ice pop.  I opened the bottle of Casa Rinaldi Balsamic Vinegar infused with Wild Forest Berries.  It is very smells fruity, it is thick, almost like a syrup.  The taste?  Heavenly!  Balsamic and fruit.  I went to work right away on these ice pops.  The Wild Forest Berry Balsamic would be perfect.

I was so right!  The popsicle is unbelievable!  It really tastes like a strawberry popsicle, but better.  The strawberries taste more vibrant, the berry balsamic lends itself to this ice pop perfectly.  With a special ingredient to really make the flavors pop, these are now my favorite popsicle.  I am sure you will love them too!

Well, of course I had to test the Wild Berry Balsamic a little more.  I made 2 dishes of vanilla ice cream and drizzled them with balsamic.  One for me and one for my picky 2 year old.  We were Skyping with Nana at the time and she was totally floored.  She couldn't believe we were going to have balsamic vinegar on ice cream.  That was until my picky 2 year old devoured the ice cream and the balsamic and lifted the bowl up to lick the rest out of the bowl.  She is a believer and really is excited to try their balsamic vinegars.

I have been so pleasantly surprised by Fresina's.  A lot of companies talk about being passionate about their businesses and taking pride in their products, Fresina's means it!  Their handmade pastas are amazing, the flavor and texture is unlike anything I have had before in a dried pasta.  With no additives, no preservative and no artificial coloring it is something I was proud to feed my family.

Admittedly I am a red sauce snob.  I rarely order Italian food when we are out.  Never order marinara with my bread sticks.  I am pretty hard to please in that department.  So of course I thought I would be adding my own sauce on their fantastic pasta.  Again, I was pleasantly surprised, their Signature Sauces are fantastic!  Honestly, the only thing I did was add some cut up left over grilled hamburgers (yeah I'm fancy like that sometimes) into the sauce as it warmed and served it over the pasta.  Munchkin and I both devoured it and had seconds.  I had to pry myself away from the pasta bowl.  So amazing!

Take a minute and check out their store, along with their amazing handmade pastas, red sauces, balsamics and olive oils you will find outstanding Italian imports.  If you would like to hear more about Fresina's and enjoy some Italian music, check out their website. Just pop onto their Facebook page and say hi and thank them for an amazing giveaway; a collection of their fine products and also included is Mama Fresina's cookbook.  Her lasagna recipe was recently featured in Molly O'Neill's book One Big Table.

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Gourmet Strawberry Balsamic Popsicles
makes about 10 popsicles
4 cups fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
2 tablespoons sugar (less if your berries are really sweet)
2 tablespoons good balsamic vinegar (I used Casa Rinaldi Balsamic Vinegar infused with Wild Forest Berries)
1/8 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper

In a medium bowl, pour sugar over strawberries and allow to macerate for about 30-60 minutes.  Until you see a bit of juice in the bowl.

Pour strawberries into blender with balsamic and pepper.  Pulse until it is a chunky puree.  Pour into popsicle molds and freeze for 12-24 hours.

Remove from molds and enjoy!

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  1. strawberry balsamic popsicles.. what a unique twist on regular strawb popsicles Donna! This is so creative... I would sorta feel fancy eating one of these. :)

  2. I am so surprised at this combination - and intrigued! I gotta get some Popsicle molds! This sounds way too simple and delicious. Hope you have a great weekend Donna!

  3. i was going to say my son would love this but HECK! I would love them and so would my girlfriends. We have a playdate ever monday and this is on the list to make them

  4. Strawberry and balsamic pair well. Nice!

  5. Strawberries and balsamic are so delicious together! This looks like a great icy treat!

  6. Oh these look awesome! So cool and delicious.

  7. Where do you get such big chunky popsicle molds like this? I always see dinky flimsy ones! I'm sure this recipe is as divine as figs and balsamic vinegar ice cream, I think I passed out from pleasure trying that ice cream for the first time.

    1. We found the molds on Amazon. They are awesome. Make such a nice popsicle.


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