Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Look Back at the Week of April 9

What an incredible week it has been. The weather is beautiful, lots of ups and down, but it is beautiful today.  We have had our windows open most of the week.

The gardens that Chad built are almost all planted now.  We have one box planted with corn and once the corn grows to 4 inches we will plant the beans/peas, pumpkin/melon this is my first attempt at 3 Sisters Native American Gardening method that I am really excited to try.

I also have the herb box planted that is the 2x3 in the center of the garden.  Munchkin's box is started.  She is growing the hot peppers and some eggplant and some other plants that are great companions for her plants.  You can read about companion gardening here.

Our new garden area is laid out as you see above.  We also have a 6x6 box which we are growing beans, peas, cucumbers, peanuts, carrots and onions.

I am planting borage in the tomato box today and on the edge of the corn, as well as the general garden box by the squash.

So, do you have any garden tips for this gardener???  Is it true that a watched plant doesn't grow???

This week we shared some amazing recipes with you.  I assume a lot of our readers have been on spring break, so I hope this helps you to catch up!

Monday we shared a great "How To".  I thought it was a bit obvious, but we received a lot of comments and emails thanking us for the information.  Store bought 'off season' lemons do not compare to fresh, especially from your own tree.  Here is  The Best Way to Preserve Lemons.

As I am back on my weight loss journey, I am looking for healthy options and on Tuesday we shared a great recipe for a new favorite.  Southwestern Meatballs and Black Bean Corn Salsa packs a whopping 31g of protein with only 330 calories!  Its flavorful and delicious!  Munchkin and I have been eating this for lunch all week.  We can't get enough!

We shared a spotlight on Herbie Likes Spaghetti on Wednesday with this fabulous The Best Ever! Tex-Mex Chicken Fajita.  Great flavor and perfect fajitas! Contact us as tsri [at] beyora [dot] com if you would like to recipe swap with us next month!

Thursday was my favorite post of the week.  Chad made The Classic Frozen Margarita made with Jose Cuervo Gold is a perfectly sweet frozen cocktail that will transport you to Margaritaville!

Friday we shared a simple and delicious snack, perfect for the weekend party!  Spicy Fajita Roasted Chickpeas; A healthy snack, crunchy like a corn nut, with the perfect flavor and a nice dose of protein and a little kick to wake your taste buds up.

Hope you enjoyed looking back at the week.  We love to hear your comments and feedback, so if you have made or baked any of our recipes, please let us know!!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Donna, Chad and Munchkin


  1. Great week round-up. Gotta try those meatballs!

  2. Fabulous site with great pictures and recipes. Love it here!!

  3. Love your photos and the gardens look fabulous - can't wait to see what you grow this summer!

  4. Wonderful week. I would like to try the meatballs and salsa, too, but that margarita is really calling my name.


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