Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Look Back at the Week of April 16 - Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Slow Roasters!  We have been taking the time to appreciate our Earth.  So much beauty so often overlooked.  Walking our property the last few days I have been taken aback by the beauty I see.  I love to get up and walk outside in the morning before anyone is up.  Walking through the garden, talking to the plants, stopping to smell the roses and bask in the beauty that is Arizona.  A (slightly obstructed) beautiful view of the mountains, sunshine peaking over top the mountains.

Today we are recapping our week here at The Slow Roasted Italian, but I wanted to first share some of the beauty that surrounds us.  The beautiful roses just budding caught my attention this week.

This fantastic bush that sits on the edge of the west garden really caught my attention this week.  The flowers are so vibrant and its presence is breath taking!

Thank you for taking a moment to stop and appreciate a few of the many things that the Earth provided for us!

This has been a spectacular week for us!  We were able share so many great recipes with you.  Our most popular post this week, by far has been the Tequila Sunrise Done Right with Jose Cuervo Gold.  The perfect party drink for Cinco de Mayo! It was also the perfect cocktail for game night, as I was able to enjoy one last night!

The next most popular post was the Cilantro Lime Yogurt Sauce, it packs a punch of fantastic flavor to chicken, fish, tacos and fajitas!  Use it in place of sour cream on nachos!

The next popular and my far Munchkins favorite dish all week was this Potato and Cauliflower Mash is it absolutely the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten.  It has great texture, incredible flavor and taste like potatoes.  Munchkin loved these so much I decided to make these again using less potatoes.  Well, lets just say the above recipe is the perfect combination of potatoes and cauliflower!

Another favorite of Munchkins is the Homemade Baked Cinnamon Applesauce.  It is the most perfect recipe; from the pickiest toddler to the adult palate!

Juicy and tender pork with caramelized apple butter, cayenne pepper and walnuts make this Spicy Walnut Apple Butter Pork Loin a showstopper!  So good we ate it for a week straight!!!

We hope you enjoying taking this look back at the week.  We love to hear your comments and feedback, so if you have made or baked any of our recipes, please let us know!!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Donna, Chad and Munchkin

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  1. Love those lemons! Everything looks so good. I should have the mash, but my eye keeps going back to the tequilla sunrise. Have a great week!


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