Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to: Honey Vanilla Almond Nut Butter

Honey Vanilla Almond Nut Butter has an amazing rich roasted almond flavor, coupled with honey and vanilla to make it an incredible treat.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  It's Simply Delicious here at The Slow Roasted Italian.  

Today we are featuring Honey Vanilla Almond Nut Butter.  I just started making my own nut butters, starting with peanut and now almond.  The peanut came out so well that I decided to send it to my peanut butter loving Dad for his birthday (I love homemade gifts, given with love!).

Almond Nut Butter is super simple to make, just requires some patience.  The first step is all about creaming the almonds.

Once you complete the first step and the Almond Nut Butter is creamy, you can stop at this point and have an all natural no sweeteners or flavors added Almond Nut Butter.  I was sending this batch to my Dad for a birthday gift. He is a peanut butter lover, but is trying to eat healthier (Aren't we all?).

So, I thought making this special gift would be fantastic!  I did send him Honey Roasted Peanut Butter too and he loves them both!


With love from our simple kitchen to yours. 

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Honey Vanilla Almond Nut Butter

Honey Vanilla Almond Nut Butter has an amazing rich roasted almond flavor, coupled with honey and vanilla to make it an incredible treat.


  • 4 cups roasted almonds 
  • 1 teaspoon salt 
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 
  • 3 tablespoons honey 


  1. Blend almonds in food processor until creamy.  This may take scraping the bowl down several times.  The almonds will get grainy and very dry first, but then the natural oils will be released and it will be fantastically creamy.
  2. Add salt, vanilla, and honey.  Process until smooth.
  3. Serve and enjoy! 


  1. Almond Butter will keep in the refrigerator (in a sealed container) for at least a week.

Add salt, vanilla, and honey.  Process until smooth.

Serve on bread, fruit, or eat straight out of the jar!


  1. I have a lot of almondy ingredients here-almond paste almond flour..etc! I guess it is my favorite nut, so the idea of almond butter does sound delicious. I will need to make this soon-yum!

  2. Wow...This looks really mouthwatering....Thanks dear for sharing the recipe...Will surely give it a try..Bookmarking rightaway..


  3. This sounds really good! I've never tried making my own and must do so soon. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. This looks great, Donna. I still have the peanuts and almonds set aside for making my own butters. I just need to do it!

  5. Thanks for this! I just tried it. I would recommend doing all the scraping with a fork so as not to encourage the clumping. Mine never got as creamy as yours looks and I worked for about 15 minutes processing. Still tastes great though!

  6. Can't wait to make this! Any excuse to eat more nut butters!

  7. Oh how I LOVE peanut butter AND almond butter. Making it from scratch is next on my list...yours looks delicious!

  8. If you've tried almond butter before and didn't care for it, YOU MAY CHANGE YOUR MIND WITH THIS ONE!!! I made this with toasted, no-salt added, almonds I purchased in the bulk at Sprouts. Used my own honey from our hives. This is SO-So-good. You have to keep processing until it totally smooths out. It will do this just AFTER it makes a BIG ball in the food processor. In your printed version you recommended adding 4 TABS of peanut oil. Instead, I used rice bran oil, just TWO TABLESPOONS was WAY plenty. Rice bran oil has natural vitamin E to help preserve plus it has no added taste. I used the pink Himalayan sea salt too in place of regular salt. Barb

  9. How do you store this, and how long does it keep for? I'd love to make some to take to school with me!

  10. I am curious how you store this too. Any time I have purchased Almond Butter it states on the jar to refrigerate after opening. Do you refrigerate yours? Gonna try this for sure. When you say roasted almonds do you mean the "naked" almonds in the nut snacks section of the super market? Thanks!

    1. We store this in the refrigerator. It should keep for about 3 months in the refrigerator in a well sealed clean container.

      Roasted almonds refer to almonds that have been cooked to have the nutty flavor come out. You can also bake almond at 350degrees F for 5-7 minutes to roast the raw almonds. Enjoy!


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