Friday, June 17, 2011

What is your favorite kitchen tool this week?

Well, I must admit that I have never had a slicer of any kind.  Last week I got a mandolin slicer, and I have to tell you I am in love.  Although it is currently more of a love/hate relationship.

I researched many mandolines over the years and always was left undecided and unaffected.  When I decided I wanted to start dehydrating food for my family I realized it would be a necessity.  So, back to the reviews I went.  I found the Progressive International HGT-11 Folding Mandoline Slicer to have the best reviews, but I was skeptical because of the great price.  I decided to give it a shot, I bought it on Amazon and I knew I could return it if I was not satisfied with its performance.

The fear and anticipation I felt over the next few days was intolerable.  The fear of course was that I would slice my fingers, as several reviewers have always cautioned.  At last it arrived.  I opened the box to find my pretty new Mandoline Slicer in its own lovely case with 4 interchangeable plates and a warning label, explaining that the blade is sharp.  I should have read that twice. 

I washed it carefully with a very long scrub brush keeping my fingers away from the blade.  I did notice pieces of the scrub brush falling into the sink.  This should have been my first inclination that I was in trouble.

So, I set the mandoline up on the counter top and began to slice an apple.  Oh, what a beautiful thing it is to create such perfect slices.  I then sliced a banana.  Well after I accomplished these two, I guess I got a little cocky.  What is better than to slice strawberries on an incredibly sharp mandoline???  Well a lot I guess, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  3 strawberries in and it happened...  My beautiful, symmetry creating slicer BIT me.  Oh my, what a great bite too.  I must tell you it was not just sliding the fruit to the blade that got me.  I was trying to free up a piece of cut fruit, and it happened.

Regardless of the little love bites I have gotten (2 now to be honest), I am still in awe of the beauty that this slicer creates with such little effort.  I use it every chance I get.  I even use it to make a salad - it slices a cucumber in no time flat, I have not had anything but great experiences with my mandoline and it is certainly my favorite tool this week!!!


  1. Fine. I admit it. You chose better than I. Mine is being returned and I will happily purchase this one. My favorite tool of the week is my apple peeler/corer/slicer though. I would not have tackled a case of apples without it.

  2. Fantastic choice, and quite the set up you have for it. I like your little bench, it seems very practical and handy. The Back to Basics Peel Away is on my wish list right now. I am debating between the suction cup and the clamp base right now.

  3. I'm not too good at kitchen tools but I would have to say I would find life very difficult without my kitchen aid! - and a zester - cause I love lemons! - lovely blog and I'm signing up to follow you!

  4. Mary, I couldn't agree more. My Kitchenaid has a permanent place in my heart and on my counter top. Although I haven't had much use for it this week. Honey wheat bread is on the list for next week though. I signed up to follow you too!

  5. I'm not sure if the mandoline could be my favorite. I sliced my finger really badly the first time I used it and since then, I've been absolutely petrified to use it!!

    If I had to choose one kitchen tool, it would have to be my food processor. It eliminates dicing and mincing and shaves off so much cooking time!

  6. Safe choice Chung-Ah. Easier to keep the fingers in tact that way too. I love my food processor. I have been using it all week to make my Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce and Rosemary Basil Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. In regards to the suction or clamp base, go clamp if you have a spot to clamp it to. I have a suction base and while I love it for doing what it does I have to resuction it quite often which is a hassle when my kids are helping. I am hoping to get another this year, one that has the option to core or not so I can peel and slice potatoes or just slice onions for drying.

    Great blog!

  8. I saw Mary has a base for her clamp model. I may try to copy that idea. Thanks for the feedback, I have been battling back and forth.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I also love my Mandolin but I would never use it without a cut glove, is the one I have it works great!


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